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The BOSAL Challenge.


Does Your Eco-Tech Solution Have What It Takes To Join The BOSAL Challenge?

ready for a challenge?

BOSAL is looking for commercial partners with innovations in the water & energy industry

to commercialize on a global scale.

the right fit.

We’re looking for innovative and passionate people who have a product developed, prototyped, or ready to bring to market with a global market potential to submit their product for the BOSAL Challenge. If your product satisfies the needs of water purification solutions, aqua thermal energy systems, or energy storage, we’re looking for you.


Innovative Startups


Small & Medium-sized





The Selection process

First, complete your application with a detailed product pitch through the form on this website. Once we receive your submission, your application will be evaluated by a jury comprised of seasoned BOSAL senior executives. Within one week’s time, you’ll receive a response. If your innovation is considered a fit, we will start a more profound process of discovery which will hopefully lead to mutually beneficial partnership.

From there, we’ll commercialize your vision, scale your product, and bring your solution to market.












Participating in the BOSAL Challenge gives your venture a unique opportunity to partner with an industry leading manufacturer in the automotive and energy industry passionate about bringing renewable energy solutions to the market. We’re looking for the very best of the best, and if selected, it proves just how innovative your product really is. Gain the recognition you deserve, the support you require, and the market access that every prototype or product needs to become successful.

BOSAL is a well-established international company with tremendous capabilities and judgment in finance, engineering, supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, quality management and so much more. We’re willing to provide critical support through knowledge, experience, and resources to ensure that the selected parties of the BOSAL Challenge can launch their product internationally. With our massive international industrial  and political network, partnering with BOSAL could be the difference between succeeding and failing.

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what's in it FOR bosal?

Here at BOSAL, nothing is more important to us than embracing a fresh line of thinking – especially when it comes to renewable energy solutions. By partnering with you as the selected innovative partner of the BOSAL Challenge, we can invigorate our portfolio and launch your product together. And if the opportunity is right, we’d love to participate in your company or IP. 


Secure & Confidential Entries

We understand just how important your prototype is to you, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that your idea, concept, vision, or product remains yours. All information exchanged throughout your participation in the BOSAL Challenge will remain entirely confidential and secure. 


Hear Back In 1 Week

Upon completing your application and entering your submission, you’ll receive a response from our senior executive team within 1 week regarding the status of your submission.


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